Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Katherine Lace's Lady and the Champ

Lady and the Champ
By Katherine Lace

I was really surprised by how much I loved Lady and the Champ. I'm not normally a sucker for football romances, but this one got me! Lady and the Champ tells the tale of Chloe, a physical therapist, and Austin a "football god." 

Check out the scene below. Your heart will beat a bit faster after reading it. I promise. 

“Shut up and fuck me.” 
Reaching down, I wrap my fingers around his shaft and shift my position, looping a leg over his hip. He goes deep—he’s bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with before—and he’s so hard it almost hurts as he shoves inside. A moment later, he’s shifted our positions on the massage table, and I’m pinned under him as he cups my ass, scooting me neatly under him so he can thrust that much deeper, fuck me that much harder. The sheet under me smells of massage oils and the musky undertones of his skin. As he takes me, I slide back and forth a little on the oil and the cloth. 
Stars explode in front of my eyes with every hard thrust. It’s like having sex for the first time. My walls ache as they adjust to his girth. Austin’s fingers dig into my hips, yanking me back with surprising strength. Grinning, he moves his hands to my bouncing tits, squeezing each before fisting my hair. He pounds into me, hands tight in my hair, mouth bruising on mine. 
He pauses mid-thrust, his expression fixed into one of wild lust. Breathing deeply, his eyes scorch my body. 
“What are you doing?” 
“I’m committing your tits to memory.” He grabs one of them, lowers his mouth, and I gasp as the wet sting of his tongue hits my nipple.

Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Lauren Blakely's Mr. O

Mister O
By Lauren Blakely

I know what I want for Christmas. My very own personal Mr. O :) 

I grow even harder as she thrusts. Then harder still as I reach the top of the stockings. They’re thigh-highs, and I want to look at them, gawk at them, stare at them. But I’m not moving her off me. No chance of that. Not when she breathes this rapidly, each one coming faster than the next. Not as she grinds against my dick. And not as I move my hands to her delicious ass, sliding them over the sheer lacy fabric. 
She cries out, and her face falls into my neck. She buries it there, moaning as I squeeze those luscious cheeks. 
“Oh God,” she whispers, her voice strained as she rocks into me, her breathing wildly erratic. 
“So you like this,” I ask rhetorically as I grip her ass. I can tell she likes it. I can tell she loves it. 
“So much.” Her voice breaks, her pitch rises, and this moment crystallizes to its pure, wicked possibilities.
I grab her skirt in the front, gather the material in a flash, and yank it up to her waist. She still straddles me, still riding, still thrusting against me. My hands return to her ass again as if I’m steering her, moving her sweet hot body against the outline of my rock-hard cock. It’s just Harper in her wet panties, rubbing on me. 
“Ride me, princess,” I whisper harshly in her ear. “Ride me like that ’til you come.” 
I’m rewarded with another oh God, as she moves faster, rocks harder, picks up the pace. She grabs my face, grips my jaw, and holds me as she dry-humps me. Every single thing about her turns me on— her need, her want, her wild lust, her sounds, and this ass. It’s spectacular— firm and so damn soft at the same time. I grip the flesh hard, how she likes it, and she lets out a sexy squeak. 
“I fucking adore your ass,” I say roughly. 
She moans something unintelligible. I dig my fingers inside the lace on her rear, guiding her moves, making her ride my erection faster and wilder. “You’re so close, aren’t you?” 
“Yes,” she cries out. “Oh God, Nick. Oh my God.”

Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Vi Keeland's Bossman

By Vi Keeland

Chase is so so so hot in Bossman. I can't get enough of him. If you don't believe me, check out this scene...

Chase’s normal cocky confidence had been back, but it suddenly faltered. 
“Can you forgive me?” he asked. “I promise not to push you away again and to do everything in my power to protect you.” 
“There’s only one thing I need you to guard for me.”
“Name it.” 
“You have my heart. Promise me you’ll keep it safe.” 
“Only if you promise never to give mine back.” 
My heart had been beating his name since that first night at the restaurant. He’d never have to worry about me giving his heart back, because I’d realized that somewhere down deep, it was mine to keep—even when he hadn’t figured it out yet. 
“Make love to me, Chase.” 
He reached back with one hand and tugged his shirt over his head. “I’m going to, but not now. I promise, slow and sweet making love to you later. Showing you how I feel with my body. But right now, all this talk about you leaving me and being with another man has me feeling territorial.” 
He raised up on his knees and looked down at me. The way his eyes raked over my body was really all the foreplay I needed. 
“I want to come inside of you. Can I do that, Reese?” I swallowed. “Yes, I’m on the pill.” “Good. I don’t want anything between us anymore. Not our pasts, our secrets, or even a damn piece of latex.” 
He trailed his knuckles down the side of my body over my dress, following my curves languidly. “First I’m going to bury my face in that pussy that I’ve missed so much until you come all over my face.” 
He reached the bare skin of my thighs, and his hand disappeared under the skirt of my dress. I gasped when I felt him cup me between the legs. 
“Then I’m going to fuck you hard and fast, bury myself so deep inside of you, that my come won’t come out for days.” 
He lifted the skirt of my dress, pushed my panties to the side, and ran two fingers down the length of me. He groaned. “So wet.” 
I watched him as he stared, mesmerized as one finger slipped inside of me. After a few strokes, he added a second finger and pumped harder and faster. I nearly came when he licked his lips. 
“I can’t take it anymore.” 
When his fingers left me, and he brought them to his mouth, licking and sucking, my body began to hum. “Chase…” 
Suddenly, he lowered himself, and his mouth was on me. Guiding my legs over his shoulders, he lifted my ass to position me where he wanted. I moaned when he flattened his tongue and licked his way up to my clit. When he sucked hard and nearly made me finish—even though we’d barely started—I wriggled around, trying to move him from that spot. 
Chase gripped my thighs, holding me in place as he devoured me, taking me at his own pace, alternating between his tongue inside of me and sucking hard on my clit. My orgasm hit so hard, I saw nothing but black as it washed over me. 
By the time my vision cleared, Chase was back on his knees as he undid his pants. His cock was so swollen, it bulged against the material, making it difficult to pull down the zipper. It was my turn to lick my lips. 
He buried his head in my neck and began to suck hard on the sensitive skin below my ear, mimicking what he’d just done to my clit. 
“I’m going to apologize now because this isn’t going to be easy,” he said. “I have no restraint left when it comes to you.” 
“Do it. I want it that way. All I’ve ever wanted was you. As is.” 
Chase didn’t have to be asked twice. He aligned his incredibly swollen head with my opening and covered my mouth with his as he pushed himself inside. Kissing me like I was the air he needed to breathe, he seated himself deep inside of me. I could feel his body shake as he waited for my muscles to relax around him. Then he began to move. Really move— pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in, over and over again. 
My nails dug into his back as my body greedily clenched down around him. Each time he withdrew made me want him more and more, until my body was begging for climax. 
“Fuck, Reese.” He pulled back enough to look at me. “I want to fill your body with my come. Every part of you. Your pussy, your mouth, your ass. I want to own it all.” 
I was helpless as pleasure crashed through me. I heard myself calling his name, but it was more like an out-of-body experience as I throbbed all around him. Distantly, I heard Chase grumble a string of curses as he sank into me deep. Then I felt his amazing body shudder as he released. 

Under the Covers: KL Donn

The bad news: Summer is almost over :( 

The good news: I was able to speak with KL Donn about her inspirations and her upcoming projects! Check out the latest installment of Under the Covers to see how this mother of four is able to consistently crank out awesome books like Kennedy's Redemption

Fiona Blake: What made you decide to take the plunge and start writing your first novel?

KL Donn: This is a two-parter. I have been a reader longer than an author, and at one time in 2014 I couldn't find anything I wanted to read while I was waiting for the next Dixie Lynn Dwyer book to release, so I was like ok I'll write one! Let me tell you that was not easy! After a while I gave up. I was like, meh I'll just keep reading. Fast forward to a year later and my friend Jamie Sexton (Also an author) found out I was writing, and asked why I hadn't published? It was simple and complicated really – I didn't have the confidence in myself to finish. So she demanded I send her what I had and if it wasn't for her encouragement I'm not sure I would have finished and published.

Fiona: What writers inspire you?

KL: Ohhhhh so many! But a couple are Jenika Snow (one of the first indie authors I started following) Jordan Marie (She is one of the most helpful people I've met in my life, she helped me through the entire publishing process) Annelise Reynolds (So encouraging and sweet) Maya Banks (Because I just fricking love her!) and my PA Kaci Stewart, now she may not be an author BUT she is my biggest inspiration. Her faith in me is my biggest drive. Without fail, she asks me everyday what's my word count, what's happening, how can she help. When I feel like everything I write is crap, she tells me to shut the french toast up and send it to her. There are no words to describe how much she means to me.

Fiona: How do you incorporate your life into your books?

KL: In each of my books I always put something of myself in it, or something from my life.... Sometimes it's my own personality (Jet) sometimes it's my own emotions (Kennedy) or maybe even someone I know (Jax) each of the men in my stories has a little bit of my husbands personality in them too. He both loves and hates that LOL

Fiona: What is your writing process? 

KL: Hmmm... When I start a book, I bounce idea's off my PA for the direction I want the book to go in. Things I'd like to see happen and how far in. Now those ideas don't always make it into the story, or only half of it does. Sometimes things change up so quickly that my own head spins (Just happened in my WIP) I like to just go with the flow for the most part and smooth things out at the end. I don't think I have a schedule, with 4 kids that's difficult. Thankfully 3 have just gone back to school so more writing time there. Listening to music is a huge part of writing, there's so much emotion in songs that it helps me get in the mood I need for certain scenes.

Fiona: What is the best sentence you’ve ever published?

KL: I couldn't choose just one line, but he's one of my favourite things written to date. This is from Kennedy's Redemption...

She did look at peace. Sitting on the beach just at the water’s edge, she was gliding her hands over the water, creating a slight ripple before she smoothed it out. She reminded him of a graceful water nymph rising from the sea, her copper-red hair hanging down her back in loose waves, gently blown by the light breeze. Her ripped shorts and tank hugged her lithe body like a second skin. He’d never seen anything so beautiful… Or broken.

Fiona: What exciting projects do you have in the works?

KL: Just announced on my author page! Ashley Powers (Sister to Landon from bullied) is getting her story! That will be released this year. I also have 2 anthologies I'm in to be released in Nov and Dec with Tattooed & Alone for Christmas parts 1 & 2. My current WIP is One Dance for Case and that's releasing Oct 4. I also have a new menage book coming in early 2017 called Lost & Found and my h in that book is loosely based off my PA. In Jan I will be doing a huge cover/blurb reveal for my next series which will be 3 books about 3 brothers.

Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Hardpressed

Caliente! I know summer is almost over, but this scene is hot hot hot. Meredith Wild really knows how to create powerful alphas. Can't you just feel his strength? You just want to do whatever he says...


I licked my lips, nearly wild with the sensation of his erection against my belly. I wanted him so badly I thought I would go mad. I couldn’t wait anymore. In an instant, I lowered to my knees and caressed his length gently in my palms. I’d figure out how to be submissive with or without his help. I slid my mouth over the tip and sucked, swirling my tongue around the sensitive tip. I moaned, loving the taste of him, the subtle scent of his body.

He let out a sigh, as if he’d been holding his breath for far too long. I licked him, sucked him, and grazed my teeth ever so softly until he trembled slightly. Submissive or not, I held all the cards in this position. But maybe I didn’t have to.

I slowed my motions and relaxed my mouth. I grabbed him from behind and pushed him deep until he hit the back of my throat. His breath whistled through his teeth. He slid out of me slowly, his cock resting on my lips. I dug my fingernails into his ass and he jolted forward into my mouth. I swallowed, undulating over the head of his cock.

“Fuck.” He sifted his fingers through my hair, cradling my head. “What are you doing to me?”

“I want you to fuck my mouth. Control me with your hands. Show me what you want.” The words came out like an order, but I couldn’t help it. He needed to understand I was ready for this now.

“You don’t listen to a damn word I say.” I smirked, gliding my tongue lazily over and around his length, in slow motion. I waited for him, pushing him deep again and again.

Letting out a low growl, he fisted his hand in my hair and his hips bucked slightly. I took him fully and eagerly with each careful thrust. Then he deepened them, hitting the back of my throat, giving me just as much as I could handle.

“You’re so beautiful like this, baby… on your knees. All for me.” 

Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Tapping the Billionaire

Oh my god. This scene had me straddling my pillow. I loved loved loved Kline in Tapping the Billionaire. You need to check it out because it has some of the steamiest scenes I've read in a long long time. 


I was convinced, somewhere down the line, Kline’s dick had a great-great-great-great grandfather dick, and it was that exact shaft that had inspired some woman to pull down a guy’s pants and say, “Oh yes, I need to suck on that.” This was a history-making, Nobel Prize award-winning cock. The sole reason the blow job was an actual thing.

“I can’t wait to taste you,” he whispered, sliding my panties down my legs.

Yes. Hell. Yes. Taste me.

“God, you’re fucking beautiful.” He licked across my stomach. “Your cock is beautiful,” I said.

He kneeled between my legs. “Tell me how bad you want my cock, Georgia.” Blue eyes scorched my skin as he stroked that perfect dick.

“Bad. So bad,” I begged.

“Be patient, sweetheart.” He smirked. “I can’t wait to fuck you, but right now, I need your taste on my tongue.”

And like a goddamn romance novel cliché, I came on command… on my boss’s face.

Kline gripped my thighs, spreading me wide, while his head was between my legs doing everything a guy should know how to do with his tongue.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned, gripping his hair and following the movements of his mouth with my hips.

“Come for me, Georgia,” he demanded.

And like a goddamn romance novel cliché, I came on command… on my boss’s face.

I was panting. Drained. Sated. My muscles were lax, skin peppered with a sheen of sweat. I had thoroughly worked myself over. When I opened my eyes, I realized I had just gone to a place I could never come back from.

Kline Brooks had just been inaugurated into my spank bank rotation.

And he’d given me the best orgasm I'd had in a long fucking time.