Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Hardpressed

Caliente! I know summer is almost over, but this scene is hot hot hot. Meredith Wild really knows how to create powerful alphas. Can't you just feel his strength? You just want to do whatever he says...


I licked my lips, nearly wild with the sensation of his erection against my belly. I wanted him so badly I thought I would go mad. I couldn’t wait anymore. In an instant, I lowered to my knees and caressed his length gently in my palms. I’d figure out how to be submissive with or without his help. I slid my mouth over the tip and sucked, swirling my tongue around the sensitive tip. I moaned, loving the taste of him, the subtle scent of his body.

He let out a sigh, as if he’d been holding his breath for far too long. I licked him, sucked him, and grazed my teeth ever so softly until he trembled slightly. Submissive or not, I held all the cards in this position. But maybe I didn’t have to.

I slowed my motions and relaxed my mouth. I grabbed him from behind and pushed him deep until he hit the back of my throat. His breath whistled through his teeth. He slid out of me slowly, his cock resting on my lips. I dug my fingernails into his ass and he jolted forward into my mouth. I swallowed, undulating over the head of his cock.

“Fuck.” He sifted his fingers through my hair, cradling my head. “What are you doing to me?”

“I want you to fuck my mouth. Control me with your hands. Show me what you want.” The words came out like an order, but I couldn’t help it. He needed to understand I was ready for this now.

“You don’t listen to a damn word I say.” I smirked, gliding my tongue lazily over and around his length, in slow motion. I waited for him, pushing him deep again and again.

Letting out a low growl, he fisted his hand in my hair and his hips bucked slightly. I took him fully and eagerly with each careful thrust. Then he deepened them, hitting the back of my throat, giving me just as much as I could handle.

“You’re so beautiful like this, baby… on your knees. All for me.”