Romance's Sexiest Scenes: Katherine Lace's Lady and the Champ

Lady and the Champ
By Katherine Lace

I was really surprised by how much I loved Lady and the Champ. I'm not normally a sucker for football romances, but this one got me! Lady and the Champ tells the tale of Chloe, a physical therapist, and Austin a "football god." 

Check out the scene below. Your heart will beat a bit faster after reading it. I promise. 

“Shut up and fuck me.” 
Reaching down, I wrap my fingers around his shaft and shift my position, looping a leg over his hip. He goes deep—he’s bigger than anyone I’ve ever been with before—and he’s so hard it almost hurts as he shoves inside. A moment later, he’s shifted our positions on the massage table, and I’m pinned under him as he cups my ass, scooting me neatly under him so he can thrust that much deeper, fuck me that much harder. The sheet under me smells of massage oils and the musky undertones of his skin. As he takes me, I slide back and forth a little on the oil and the cloth. 
Stars explode in front of my eyes with every hard thrust. It’s like having sex for the first time. My walls ache as they adjust to his girth. Austin’s fingers dig into my hips, yanking me back with surprising strength. Grinning, he moves his hands to my bouncing tits, squeezing each before fisting my hair. He pounds into me, hands tight in my hair, mouth bruising on mine. 
He pauses mid-thrust, his expression fixed into one of wild lust. Breathing deeply, his eyes scorch my body. 
“What are you doing?” 
“I’m committing your tits to memory.” He grabs one of them, lowers his mouth, and I gasp as the wet sting of his tongue hits my nipple.